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DAKOTACARE is the health care plan of the South Dakota State Medical Association.  And just like we did more than 25 years ago, we are still looking out for South Dakotans by providing efficient care, a comprehensive network and exceptional service. DAKOTACARE understands that health care is best delivered within a health care environment developed and carried out by South Dakota physicians who know and understand the issues of South Dakota. Physicians have greater control and knowledge about the health care system in our state and are able to provide the best treatment options for their patients. And with higher levels of physician participation, patients have a greater freedom of choice for their health care needs.

DAKOTACARE understands that in today’s world every little expense matters.  That’s why we work hard to find real solutions that lower your health insurance costs and positively impact your bottom line.  We work side-by-side with South Dakota physicians to develop innovate medical programs that create healthier individuals. Quality in health care is not only DAKOTACARE’s number one priority, but they also know and believe that the highest quality health care is also the lowest cost health care in the long run. We offer five group plans and five individual plans, including flexible and affordable options. In addition, DAKOTACARE is now offering the Freedom eMarket, a platform for employer based coverage with the flexibility of individual coverage.

At DAKOTACARE, we also believe that your health insurance should empower you to live a healthier life. That’s why we offer Disease Management and Proactive Health Programs, as well as wellness education to help you live better and in turn, save money on medications, doctor and hospital visits.  The core of all DAKOTACARE activities is providing exceptional service to members, providers, employers and other customers. It is at the heart of all that DAKOTACARE does.

Isn’t it time DAKOTACARE became your health insurance provider? 

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